The Healing Garden

To enter into the healing garden is to enter into a sacred space.
A place of transformation and intuition.
Time stands still as all of our senses are attuned and heightened
To the life that is manifest before our eyes...
The aura of creative energy gently entices us to draw ever closer
To experience intimacy,
As in the flight of a hummingbird lighting from flower to flower,
Delightful delicacy -
Biting into a warm summer peach,
The heady, intoxicating scent of Gardenia and Jasmine,
Or the wonder of exquisite intricacy
In the tracery of a leaf skeleton.

Perception is expanded and the spell of the sensuous is cast...

We can return to the Garden for optimal Health and Healing
Integrating Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit,
Reconnecting with all the sensual alchemy of the natural world
And Remembering that the Garden is our original home...

                                                                                C.L. Austin Tanis


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Monday, November 02, 2009