The Power of Intention

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Intention is to purposefully direct the mind and thoughts to a clear and precise action or to gain an answer to a question you may be seeking.

Through meditation be clear about what you want to manifest, implanting your intention in your mind.

Share your intention with someone in a way that will supportively hold you accountable to taking action.

Do something to demonstrate your commitment to your intention.

Imagining your intention visually, in your mindís eye, picture what your life will be like once the intention has already manifested. Hold the intention in your heart, and send  positive emotions around these visualizations as well. If you canít create strong positive emotions,  then  there is no real desire.  Intentions without desire will  have very little power to manifest.

Usually within 24-72 hours of putting out a new intention, you may experience an alpha reflection. You may receive validation that the intention has taken hold.  This usually takes the form of a very noticeable synchronicity. Sometimes the synchronicity is part of manifesting the results; other times it just seems to be an acknowledgement that the intention was received. 

It is simply the universeís way of saying, ďI hear you!Ē  Like a creative wink from the universe to acknowledge their receipt.

Trust and expect your intentions to manifest!

The alpha reflection quiets down pretty quickly, and then thereís a lull that can last anywhere from several days to several weeks. 

Lots of people give up during this time. 

This is just the calm before the storm.  Itís also the period where itís most crucial to continue holding the intention and to carefully avoid putting out conflicting intentions. 

Seek to develop the mental discipline to control your thoughts well enough to stay focused.

Continue to hold the intention and faithfully expect its manifestation, and eventually you may experience the beta reflection.  Typically this begins more than a week after the intention is first formed.  Whereas the alpha reflection is just an acknowledgement that the intention has been received, the beta reflection is the substantial beginning of the real manifestation.

The beta reflection is much longer, stronger, and slower than the alpha reflection.  Imagine a thunderstorm.  If the alpha reflection is a lightning flash, the beta reflection is the rolling thunder that arrives much later.  Both originated with the same event, but they reach you at different times.

The beta reflection generally arrives in three forms:  ideas, opportunities, and resources.

You may experience a noticeable flow of  ideas related to your original intention.  These ideas may come in the form of spontaneous inspiration,  or they may arrive through other people.  Sometimes a good idea is all you will need to manifest what you are seeking,  and you will be able to carry it to completion on your own.  But if the intention is big enough, then ideas and direct action wonít be enough by themselves.

The beta reflection also brings new opportunities and new resources.  Often these seem to come out of nowhere, and may include information,  people,  money,  etc.  Whatever is required to manifest the intention eventually will come into your life.  Often  you will experience three or more random people making the same comment   on the same day,  or recommend a  book that will just happen to contain exactly the answers you need to manifest your intention.

Itís still important to continue holding the intention during the beta reflection, but itís not as difficult as during the pre-beta lull because now you have some genuine momentum.  It doesnít require as much faith to see that the intention is starting to manifest ó even the logical mind is able to see it coming together.  The main thing is to keep your logical mind from screwing it up by trying to control the process too much.

Depending on the complexity of the intention, the beta reflection can last for months or years.  Our overall results in life can be interpreted as the long-term summation of our beta reflections from a lifetime of intentions.  Whatever you imagine with enough energy will eventually manifest.  If your thoughts are clear and focused, youíll manifest your desires relatively quickly and easily.  If your thoughts are jumbled and chaotic, youíll manifest a seemingly random and haphazard life for yourself. 


The ultimate manifestation comes together in a fairly straightforward manner.  Usually thereís some form of direct action involved, but the actions that follow are smooth, flowing, and easy.  No tedium or struggle is required.  The universe does 80-90% of the work.  The final combination of ideas, opportunities, and resources are high leverage, making it possible to achieve fantastic results with a minimal investment of time and energy.


Your dominant thoughts are the key determinants of your results in life. 

Your thoughts control your decisions, and your decisions over time control your results.  When you really understood that, you assumed a new level of responsibility for every thought that goes through your mind.

Excerpted partial text courtesy of  Steve Pavlina


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