Tantra - Living a Passionate Life

The Tantrica knows that passion for all of  life is an expression of our truest nature, the desire to create deeper and more authentic relationships; wholly,  lovingly,  consciously and sensuously.

The Tantric experience is a creative practice that produces  altered states of conciseness, the union of masculine and feminine energies,  and the prolonged state of ecstasy.

With regular practice, Tantra provides a loving, heart-centered path to personal transformation through a unique blend of spiritual and sexual healing.  Those who master the practice of Tantra are considered to be world-class lovers who have learned to enjoy extended, multiple, full-body orgasms, and divine states of ecstasy. 


  • Lemon or orange citrus: reduces fatigue and nervousness, uplifting and refreshing

  • Jasmine: aphrodisiac,  said to induce euphoria

  • Rose:  aphrodisiac scent for females

  • Ylang-ylang:  sexually arousing spicy-smelling Indonesian flower

  • Sandalwood: heightens sexual excitement by simulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is dominant during sexual arousal - the strongest sense tied to memory

Tantric Herbs:

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Devotional rituals are based on classical Tantric ceremony. The plant is placed in a special altar, invoked and adored as the embodiment of the Divine Mother, given ritual watering, and offerings of incense and food. The worshipper prostrates to the invoked deity, dresses the tulsi in silk offering scarves, and decorates it with flowers. At the end of the ceremony, the leaves are taken as a sacrament.

Tulsi has a wide range of applications for curing common illnesses and preventing diseases, both in whole plant form.

The fragrance of Ylang ylang oil is very floral and sweet. It is an important ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics, giving blends a voluptuous, narcotic, sensual, and exotic note.

In modern aromatherapy it is regarded an oil which stabilizes emotions, which is especially helpful for nervousness, depression, and tension.

As a science, as well as an artistic discipline, Tantra increases the speed of evolution in the practitioner throughout their lifetime, ever expanding their knowledge and experiences.

The practitioner is always a student and revels in the magic that presents itself daily. The goal is to activate the shakti, the power of the divine force within, or power of the soul.

By experiencing the divine in everyday life, and excepting and acknowledging all that it expresses, becomes a form of spiritual development. Dancing, cooking, flower arranging and the art of union are what most of us can experience daily. 

Tantric union enables healing to take place as well, by using the powerful energy of creation to blast through ego, fear, and illusions. Tantric union is not a path to sexual indulgence or self-gratification. It takes a spiritual relationship with oneself first, in order to create that path with another.  A spiritual relationship makes sexual union a magical space, not the other way around.

With an open and unashamed  affirmation of the sensuality of the body and sense experience,  we can learn to trust the body  as source of knowledge and power. Tantric Buddhists eulogized the body as an "abode of bliss" and boldly affirmed that desire, sexuality, and pleasure can be embraced on the path to enlightenment

Tantra asserts that, instead of suppressing  vision and ecstasy,  they should be cultivated and used.  Sensation and emotion are the most powerful human motive forces,   properly channeled they can provide an unparalleled source of energy,  bringing benefits to relationships,  as well as continually increasing ecstasy for the individual.      

Tantra teaches a powerful set of sacred sexual energy tools to harness the unlimited yet often dormant power of your life-force, ‘prana.’  Like Yoga or other growth paths, Tantra often requires a long,  dedicated journey to reach the whole, healthy,  ecstatic state you’re seeking.

The Breath

The way in which you breathe can make a vast difference in the quality of your life. The very best thing you can do is learn to breathe full, deep breathes into your belly.

Conscious Breath is the very thing you need for optimum health, (physical and mental) life vitality, longevity, spiritual illumination, sexual vitality, growth and stamina, sexual mastery and spiritual sexual enlightenment.

Since the dawning of time most spiritual practices have had a component of a breath work practice along with meditation or prayer.

In tantra, it is the body and the senses that provide vehicles for us to go beyond the duality of evil and good. Learning to perceive and transform subtle energies, we can rediscover essence, which is the sacred connection of everything.

It is the wise man who can meet the wise woman in true power and equality, mutually supporting our freedom of being divinely human.

This connection to the erotic self is our connection to the life force.  It is sacred in itself. This connection should not be exclusively limited to the pleasure of the senses. The highest tantric exploration is where sex is not used as an escape, no matter how blissful it is, but as a means to know who we are, to move more freely and to be transformed into love, healing and creative expressions.

The Tantric path encompasses beauty, sensitivity, and exhilaration through eating, drinking, tasting, smelling, touching. It embraces and enhances all forms of creative expression, such as movement and dance, massage, martial arts, the fine arts, healing, and music.  

The Song of Solomon

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